Interested in installing a Midea aircon in Cape Town and surrounds?

FB Airconditioning is proud to be a distributer and installer of Midea in Cape Town and surrounds. We work with a number of internationally acclaimed aircon brands and as Midea is the world’s number 1 brand in air coolers and air treatment products, we offer the best to our clients.

Our team has years of experience in the installation of Midea aircons for commercial and residential requirements. Besides our installation services, we also offer repair and maintenance services for your Midea aircon in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Our service expertise includes both major and minor repair services to ensure that your aircon is functioning optimally.

About Midea’s products

Midea is an international brand known for supplying quality appliances and advanced technologies. As distributers of Midea in Cape Town, our team can assist with the installation of a Midea aircon in Cape Town and surrounds – for commercial and domestic requirements.

Midea has been around for many years. It was founded in Guangdong, China, in 1968, and has since become a global leader in aircons and other appliances. Today, Midea has more than 60 overseas branches, 200 subsidiaries and 12 business units across the globe.

All Midea products are manufactured in adherence with their aim of “creating value for customers,” which means that you as a client can expect their products to enhance and simplify your life. By focusing on innovation and advancement, Midea is always working on improving their products to ensure a satisfactory experience.

Recently, Midea launched their new motto: “Midea – make yourself at home.” So, when investing in your own Midea product, you can expect complete comfort and convenience at home – or even at work!

For more on Midea’s product range, you are welcome to get in touch with our team. We can assist you in choosing the right product for the amount of space you have available. Contact us via phone or email.

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