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The South African climate is well known for being extremely harsh, and keeping a home or office cool during summertime and warm during wintertime can in some cases become a struggle. Luckily, there is a solution!

Welcome to the home of FB Airconditioning – one of Cape Town’s most recognised and celebrated air conditioning installers and repair and maintenance service providers. At FB Airconditioning, we believe in providing reliable products and excellent service at competitive prices.

Airconditioning Installation


FB Airconditioning installs split systems and DMV systems from various brands for both domestic and commercial use.

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Airconditioning Service


At FB Airconditioning, our services are categorised as minor or major services.

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Airconditioning Repairs


When a customer requests an airconditioning repair from us, a team of our expert repairmen will come out to their premises to diagnose the problem.

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Our company specialises in providing air conditioning solutions for both domestic and corporate customers that will satisfy both their heating and cooling needs. No job is too big or too small, and we treat each and every customer as a number one priority, offering quality workmanship and paying acute attention to all the details of every project we undertake. The diligent nature of our workforce promises you precise installations, thorough services and quick and effective repairs.

It is our aim to help customers find the perfect airconditioning solution that will fit both their needs and their pockets.

Our brand partners

We work in association with and supply airconditioning units from a number of world renowned brands in airconditioning.

The brands we supply include:






Midea is an international company that specialises primarily in the production of residential and commercial air conditioning units. The brand was established in 1968 and is today one of the world’s leading suppliers of quality air conditioning units.


The Midea brand was launched in South Africa in 2013 and has fast become one of the leading aircon market contenders in the country.


FB Airconditioning is one of Midea’s South African distributers, and we supply and install a selection of their aircon units. We are also qualified to repair and service Midea products, and use only original parts when doing these repairs and services to ensure the longevity and reliability of the product.






Alliance is a well-known manufacturer of airconditioner units of reliable quality. FB Airconditioning is capable and equipped to install, repair and service all Alliance aircon models.






Samsung is a world famous brand and manufacturer of household appliances, including airconditioners. Their aircon units are elegant, modern and effective in providing heating and cooling solutions for both domestic and commercial purposes. At FB Airconditioning, we install, repair and service Samsung airconditioners, using only original parts.






Founded in 1924, Daikin is one of the oldest and most established aircon and refrigeration specialists. Their products are known for being technologically advanced and reliable. Daikin is one of the brands that FB Airconditioning is equipped to install, repair and service.






LG is a well-known and established electronics company operating worldwide. FB Airconditioning installs, repairs and services both their commercial and domestic aircon range.

Our other air quality control solutions…

Air quality control solutions do not stop at aircon units, however. FB Airconditioning also offers other air purifying solutions, such as fume extraction systems and bio-hazard safety cabinets.

Fume extraction systems


There are many kinds of fumes that may occur in the workplace that are hazardous to one’s health.

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Bio-hazard safety cabinets


The purpose of bio-hazard safety cabinets are to protect medical personnel and their surrounding environments from potentially harmful pathogens.

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Here you can view our fantastic heating & cooling promotions.

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