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FB Airconditioning specialises in aircon installation services for domestic and commercial requirements. We install split systems and DMV systems from various brands for both small scale domestic and large scale commercial use.

Split systems


A Split air conditioning unit is where the indoor unit is mounted on the inside of the room and the condenser(Outdoor unit) sometimes sits on the ground or installed on bracket on the outside wall. This system is interconnected via copper tubing. Split system’s are perfect for domestic air temperature and quality control solutions. This results in an airconditioning unit inside the building that is quiet when operating and causing minimal noise. These units are mainly used to control a building’s air temperature, airflow as well as the quality of the air in the building.


Some of the main benefits associated with split systems include the fact that they are easy to install (requiring only a small hole for installation), are comparatively cheap to maintain and have a modern and stylish appearance - perfect for use in a home or small office.

DVM systems


Digital Variable Multisystem (DVM) systems are perfect for commercial use in larger buildings and can even be used to heat and/or cool multi storey buildings. These systems are used mainly to provide temperature and air quality control for multiple indoor units (rooms) by linking all of them to a single variable capacity exterior compressor that can be placed outside of the building for easy concealment.


One of the main advantages to these systems are the fact that they allow for individual temperature control in each indoor unit (room), making it perfect for larger upmarket homes or offices.

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Airconditioning Installation


FB Airconditioning installs split systems and DMV systems from various brands for both domestic and commercial use.

Airconditioning Service


At FB Airconditioning, our services are categorised as minor or major services.

Airconditioning Repairs


When a customer requests an airconditioning repair from us, a team of our expert repairmen will come out to their premises to diagnose the problem.

Fume extraction systems


There are many kinds of fumes that may occur in the workplace that are hazardous to one’s health.

Bio-hazard safety cabinets


The purpose of bio-hazard safety cabinets are to protect medical personnel and their surrounding environments from potentially harmful pathogens.

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